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Those Tiny Little Things

Tack till Linus Larsson, Lisen Kebbe, Anna Sandström,

Jack Reynolds, Clarissa O'Reilly, Josefine Wahlström, Eugene Roqcue, Léo Vincent, Jenny Helin, Patrik Ohlsson Emilio Estrada, Carl Philip Olander, Niccoló Rebecci,

Olof Axegärd, Jakob Dugner och Kasper Kvist!

I Will Call Him Sebastian video



7/8 - Babbolina in Sproge at 19:00

14/8 - Dekadansen in Hide at 18:00

21/8 - Visbyfestivalen in Visby at 16:00

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I'll Do // Vera Kebbe

Nothing's Too Damned // Vera Kebbe

You you you // Vera Kebbe

I Will Call Him Sebastian // Vera Kebbe


Vera Kebbe writes catchy pop melodies that capture everyday problems with a quirky twist. The stories are brought to life by Vera's expressive voice and playful arrangements. In 2019 she released the self-produced album Those Tiny little Things with the single I Will Call Him Sebastian. A song about an imaginary everyday hero that shows up with take-away food and comforting words when you have the flu.


This Swedish songwriter has been on stage for the last 16 years and has been preforming her own material since 2010. She is inspired by artists like Camile, Regina Spektor, Kimbra and Laleh. In recent years, Vera has wrote, recorded and produced her new album while living between London and her home town of Visby, Gotland.


 Those Tiny little Things is based on all those little things, good and bad

that happen in life. Everything from imaginary friends like Sebastian to feeling misunderstood and Down & Out.


The band around Vera’s rhythmic guitar and striking voice are the brilliant Albin Linder with his groovy bass and delicate flute. The both playful and tasteful percussion by the radiant Josefine Wahlström and lastly the magical Emilio Estrada with his emotive violin. A contagiously happy quartet.

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